LADY - How we grew back her rubbed out mane in only 4 weeks


How to grow your horses mane back fast

How frustrating is a rubbed out mane? Not knowing what to do best to help your horses mane to grow back quickly!

This was Lauren this year, Lady's owner. Lady rubbed the entire lower half of her mane out during the winter months and like most owners, Lauren presumed it would grow back slowly but surely over spring.

Unfortunately, 5 months later (July) Lady's mane still hadn't grown back except for a few short strands that prefered to stand up straight on end.

That's when Lauren decided to give our REGROW a try!

Below is the before pictire in July 2022.

Picture taken July 14th 2022

Treatment plan

Daily application of REGROW.

It's important to apply REGROW after any exercise or grooming, and you really want to massage it into the skin, rather than onto any existing hairs that might be there.


Results video taken on August 17th 2022

Lady's results speak for themselves after just 4 weeks!

What we used...

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